How to Convert PDF to Google Slides

How to Convert PDF to Google Slides?

Creating engaging presentations is important for effective communication. Google Slides is a widely used tool known for its collaborative features and accessibility. But what if you already have a presentation in PDF format? This guide will show you how to smoothly convert your PDF into Google Slides, ensuring your presentations remain dynamic and easy to work on together.

Method 1: Convert PDF to Image and Insert into Google Slides

If you don’t need to edit the content of the PDF, you can convert it to images and then insert them into your slides.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Convert your PDF to images. You can use software like Adobe Acrobat or an online converter:

  • Using Adobe Acrobat: Go to “File” > “Save As” and choose JPEG as the format to save your PDF pages as images.
  • Online converters: Upload your PDF to a website that offers conversion to image formats (often JPEG). We used SmallPdf here!

Step 2: Open your Google Slides presentation.

Step 3: Insert the images. Go to “Insert” > “Image” and select the image files from your computer or choose them from Google Drive.

Step 4: Select the slides where you want to include the images and insert them. You can adjust the size and position of the images after inserting them.

insert>image>upload from computer

This is a convenient method if you simply want the information from the PDF in your slides without editing the text itself.

<SlidesAICTA1 />

Method 2: Convert PDF to PowerPoint and then import to Google Slides

  • Convert your PDF to a PowerPoint presentation using a tool like Adobe Acrobat or online converters such as Smallpdf, PDF2go, or Adobe Acrobat (Online)
Convert PDF to PowerPoint and then import to Google Slides
  • Open Google slides and import the converted PowerPoint presentation into it. 
Open Google slides and import the converted PowerPoint presentation into it.
  • Check all the slides and make necessary formatting changes.
Import the converted presentation

<SlidesAICTA1 />

Method 3: Manually Convert the PDF 

  • Open Google Slides and create a new presentation – “File” > “New” > “Presentation”.
Open Google Slides and create a new presentation
  • Adjust slide dimensions to match the PDF’s dimensions if needed
    • Click “File” > Page Set up > Select the size
go to file > Page Set up
  • Copy and Paste Text
    • Open PDF to be converted
    • Copy text, images, and other content from the PDF and paste them into the corresponding Google Slides.
  • Format and Arrange:
    • Resize and position elements to resemble the original PDF.
    • Adjust formatting (font, colors, etc.) if needed.
  • Use SlidesAI to create a Presentation using your text 

Alternatively, to speed up the process, you can opt for the SlidesAI add-on to create a stunning presentation. Learn how to use SlidesAI here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a PDF directly to Google Slides?

Unfortunately, Google Slides doesn’t allow direct PDF conversion. However, alternative methods outlined in this guide can help you achieve the same result.

Will I lose formatting during conversion?

Some formatting may be lost in the conversion process. Converting to images removes editable text within the images, while converting to PowerPoint may slightly alter the layout, requiring adjustments in Google Slides.

Can I edit the text after converting a PDF to images?

No, text within the converted images cannot be edited. Consider using text boxes or shapes in Google Slides for editable text alongside the images.

Are there online tools for PDF conversion?

Yes, there are several online tools like SmallPdf, PDF2go, or CloudConvert that offer image or PowerPoint conversion options with various features and output formats.

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