funny powerpoint night ideas

400+ Creative and Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas [2024]

A PowerPoint night is when friends come together and share slides about a topic they pick, one after the other. This cool trend on TikTok is a super fun activity for get-togethers and sleepovers.

You can make a PowerPoint to play this game with your family, college buddies, or classmates. Tools like make it easier with free templates and smart features that turn your words into slides in no time.

We all know these PowerPoint nights are a funny and enjoyable way to hang out with friends, colleagues, or loved ones. It’s a chance to let your creativity shine through your slides! Here are some awesome PowerPoint night ideas for parties.

What is PowerPoint night?

A PowerPoint night is an interactive social event where friends present their PowerPoint slides on chosen topics (or the most obscure questions), creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for friends, family, or colleagues. Also known as PowerPoint parties, they can be hosted in person or through video calls.

A theme for the night is chosen, and each individual or group creates presentation decks about funny topics to present. Usually accompanied by lots of finger foods and drinks, it’s a refreshing change from the same old party games.

The possibilities are endless. Pick ideas from any category to suit the dynamics of your groups. Add drinking games. Personalize the ideas for specific jobs or niche interests. This is an activity that can be played by a lot of friends at once, so get creative!

PowerPoint night with friends

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Unique and Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas

  1. Pineapple on pizza: Delicious topping or a culinary sin?
  2. Things you believe are overrated: Start a controversial discussion, but keep it in good spirits!
  3. Explain that funny image: Get everyone to speculate and interpret what’s happening.
  4. DIY Olympic events: Invent new sports you and your friends could compete in.
  5. How each of my friends will get canceled: Humorously predict reasons and why.
  6. Spotify Wrapped: Compare your Spotify Wrapped stats and top songs.
  7. Forbidden foods: Things that aren’t edible that you want to eat.
  8. Reality check: What you thought being an adult would be like vs. reality.
  9. ‘I can’t believe we used to do that’: Ridiculous things that were normal in the past.
  10. Worst online purchase: Share stories of disappointing or funny online shopping fails.
  11. Emoji wishlist: Which emojis do you wish existed? Suggest 3 to 5 new emojis.
  12. Useless talents: Show off a quirk, fun but not particularly useful talent.
  13. Things that have happened to you that no one believes: Unbelievable but true stories.
PowerPoint night ideas for friends

Creative PowerPoint Night Party Ideas for Friends

  1. How did you meet: Share stories of how you met each of your friends.
  2. Rate how introverted or extroverted each friend is: Discuss each other’s social tendencies.
  3. Creating a Pinterest mood board for each friend: Make a mood board that represents a friend.
  4. Each friend’s toxic trait: Light-heartedly reveal each other’s flaws.
  5. Give all your friends a new name and persona: Invent new names and personas for each other.
  6. If we met earlier: Imagine how different your friendship would be if you met earlier in life.
  7. Where will we be in 10 years?: Predict where each of you will be in a decade.
  8. Create starter packs for each friend: Assemble a ‘starter pack’ meme for each friend.
  9. Your favorite memory with each friend: Share cherished memories with each friend.
  10. Body swap adventures: Create stories about swapping bodies with each other.
  11. Bits of me: Share a mood board or collage of your favorite things, places, and experiences.
  12. Three things I cannot live without: The most essential things in your life and why.
  13. Things you hate: Share them and let friends try to change your mind.
  14. Top dislikes: Discuss your biggest pet peeves and reasons why.
  15. Foods you don’t eat: Show pictures and explain your aversions.
  16. Weirdest food you have ever eaten: Describe unusual foods and where you tried them.
  17. Change my mind: Present an opinion and challenge others to change your view.
  18. Unpopular opinions: Share likes that are generally unpopular.
  19. Regrettable moments: Reflect on past moments you wish you could change.
  20. Best year of your life & why: Reflect on the best year of your life and the reasons behind it.
  21. Life lessons learned the hard way: Discuss important lessons learned from past mistakes.
  22. How everyone’s zodiac signs fit their personality: Discuss the accuracy of zodiac traits.
  23. The most ‘Zodiac sign’ thing each person has done: Stereotype the zodiac signs playfully.
  24. Friendship compatibility test: A playful assessment of how well you mesh as friends.
  25. Top 10 moments in our friendship history: Highlight the top moments you’ve shared.
  26. Best superhero powers: Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?
  27. Binge-watching vs. weekly episodes: Which makes for a better viewing experience?
  28. Never have I ever: Talk about the things you’ve never done (but should have, in a fun tone).
  29. Would you rather?: Present different scenarios and choose your preferences.
  30. Jail time predictions: Guess what silly crimes your friends could get jailed for, and assign the jail time.
  31. Cats vs dogs: Which are the superior pets?
  32. Each of your friends as dog breeds: Match friends to dog breeds based on their personality.
  33. Friends as mythical creatures: Turn them into mythical creatures based on their personality.
  34. Friends as podcasts: Assign a podcast theme to each friend.
  35. The best memes: Share your favorite memes.
  36. Trends you take part in and regret: Discuss past trends you regret following.
  37. Unpopular opinions: Reveal opinions that go against the norm.
  38. Why (fill in the blank) is overrated: Discuss why certain things are overhyped.
  39. Parallel universe: Imagine an alternate reality for your friend group.
  40. Friend trivia or two truths and a lie: Share fun facts or play the classic game.
  41. Everyone’s love language: Share and discuss each other’s love languages.
  42. Things you’d rather be doing than your current job: Share your dream jobs or activities.
  43. Funniest thing that ever happened at a job: Relive hilarious work moments.
  44. Assign each friend a job you think they’d be suited for: Suggest ideal jobs for each other.
  45. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you: Share your most embarrassing moments.
  46. Gender swap: Imagine if you and your friends were the opposite gender.
  47. The group chat’s texts out of context: Share funny out-of-context messages from your group chat.
  48. Conspiracy theories: Come up with unique conspiracy theories.
  49. Time travel adventure: Share where you’d go if you could time travel.
  50. Cringiest childhood photos: Share embarrassing childhood photos.
  51. Awkward teenage phase: Relive cringey teenage moments.
  52. Everyone’s best and worst photos on Instagram: Showcase each other’s Instagram hits and misses.
  53. Bucket list items: Share items on your bucket list.
  54. Everyone’s spirit animal and why: Assign and explain a spirit animal for each friend.
  55. Pet names you love and hate: Discuss favorite and least favorite pet names.
  56. Bank heist roles: Assign roles to each friend in a hypothetical heist.
  57. The best things you’ve learned from TikTok: Share useful TikTok discoveries.
  58. Social media blunders: Discuss embarrassing social media mistakes.
  59. Best and worst social media trends: Rate recent social media trends.
  60. Give each friend a superpower and explain why: Choose fitting superpowers for your friends.
  61. Suggest new names for each friend: Come up with creative new names for each other.
  62. Band names each friend would name their band: Invent band names that reflect each friend’s personality.
  63. Who my friends were in their past lives: Guess each friend’s past life persona.
  64. Everyone’s celebrity lookalikes: Match friends with their celebrity doppelgängers.
  65. Celebrities that would play your friends in a movie: Choose actors to portray each friend.
  66. Music showdowns: Which is better, 90s pop, 2000s hip-hop, or Taylor Swift?
  67. Movie remakes: Enhancements or recasts to the original?
  68. Your group as TV show characters: Assign each friend a character from a TV show everyone has watched.
  69. Bachelor/bachelorette predictions: Guess who would win on these reality shows.
  70. Which reality show should each friend participate in?: Match friends with reality shows.
  71. The top 10 best celebrity couples: Rank your favorite celebrity couples.
  72. A song to describe each person: Choose a song that represents each friend.
  73. A song for every milestone: Pick songs that match life milestones.
  74. Hot takes on a new album: Share opinions on recent music releases.
  75. The best restaurants: Discuss and rank your favorite dining spots.
  76. Dream wedding destinations: Describe your ideal wedding locations.
  77. Dream vacation: Talk about your ultimate vacation destinations.
  78. Locations for your next friend’s trip: Brainstorm and suggest future trip ideas.
  79. Holidays ranked from worst to best: Rank holidays based on your preferences.
  80. Your friends as fast food restaurants: Match friends with fast-food chains based on their personality.
  81. Things you would do if you were president: Share what changes or policies you’d implement.
  82. Best board games and why they’re the best: Discuss your favorite board games and reasons for liking them.
  83. Best gaming console: Share your favorite and a few top games to go along with it.
  84. Your most-watched movie & why: Share and explain your most-watched film.
  85. Everyone as -Movie or TV Show- Characters: Assign movie or TV show characters to each friend.
  86. Write a cheesy hallmark movie plot for everyone: Create a Hallmark-style plot featuring your friends.
  87. Recasting a new movie: Imagine a new cast for a well-known movie.
  88. Casting in a live-action for a cartoon movie: Suggest live-action actors for a cartoon.
  89. Dating app contenders: Create humorous dating app profiles for friends.
  90. Best & worst dates: Recount your best and worst dating experiences.
  91. Pick-up lines you’ve heard: Share memorable or cheesy pick-up lines.
  92. Best hookup stories: Discuss memorable or funny hookup stories.
  93. Everyone’s worst ex: Talk about past relationships gone wrong.
  94. Red flag crushes: Share crushes you had despite obvious red flags.
  95. Fashion trends you can’t get behind: Discuss popular fashion trends you dislike.
  96. Fashion fails awards: Present awards for the most memorable fashion fails.
  97. Extreme makeover: Imagine a dramatic makeover for each other.
  98. Decade-specific fashion fails: Laugh about the 90s, 2000s, or 2010s fashion trends.
  99. Tech evolution witnessed: Talk about the evolution of technology you’ve seen in your lifetime.
  100. GIF pronunciation: Is it “GIF” with a hard ‘g’ or “JIF”?
  101. Adulting wins and fails: Share your most successful and hilarious adulting moments.
  102. Hobby evolution: How have your hobbies changed from your teens to now?
  103. Back in my day…: Funny anecdotes about ‘the good old days.’
  104. Parenting tips I never got: Humorous or serious parenting advice you wish you had known.
  105. DIY home improvement disasters: Share stories of home projects that didn’t go as planned.
  106. Fantasy music festival lineup: Create your ultimate music festival lineup.
  107. Political run: Imagine if you ran for a political position and your campaign promises.
  108. First Horror Movie Victim: Guess who would be the first to go in a horror movie.
  109. Survivor timeline: Create a survivor story for your group and vote for who will last the longest.
  110. How everyone would die in a zombie apocalypse: Predict each other’s fate in a zombie outbreak.
  111. If we were in a sitcom: Create sitcom scenarios featuring your friends.
  112. Villain origin story: Imagine each friend as a villain and create origin stories.
  113. Kidnapper’s change of heart: Invent a story where a kidnapper releases you for a funny reason.
  114. Movie remakes you’d like to see: Discuss old movies you’d love to see remade.
  115. Throwback playlist: Songs that define your earlier years and why.
  116. If our lives were a reality show: Title and plot for a reality show about your group.
  117. The great debate: Light-hearted debates on trivial topics (e.g., best pizza topping).
  118. Health fad experiences: Discuss health trends you’ve tried and their outcomes.
  119. The evolution of your dream home: Describe how your ideal home has changed over the years.
  120. Life hacks that actually work: Share genuinely useful life hacks you’ve discovered.
  121. ‘I wish I knew’ in my early 20s: Valuable insights you wish you had known earlier.
  122. Bucket list check-in: Update and share your life’s bucket list progress.
  123. How I’d spend a lottery win now vs. ten years ago: Contrast your spending plans.
  124. The ultimate road trip: Plan an epic road trip with specific stops and reasons.
  125. ‘This is why I’m single’ stories: Share funny or bizarre dating experiences.
  126. If we started a business together: Brainstorm a business idea suited to your group.
  127. DIY culinary creations: Share your best or worst attempts at cooking or baking.
  128. Retro gaming night: Discuss old video games and their impact on you.
  129. ‘That’s so 2000s’: Laugh about things that were quintessential in the 2000s.
  130. My secret guilty pleasure TV show: Confess the TV shows you secretly love.
  131. The evolution of social media: How your use of social media has changed over time.
  132. ‘What if’ scenarios about major life decisions: Reflect on alternative life paths.
  133. The mixtape of my life: Songs for various phases and moments in your life.
  134. Letter to my younger self: Write a letter to your younger self with advice and insights.
  135. Dream concert experiences: Share which concerts you wish you could have attended.
  136. Fitness journey ups and downs: The highs and lows of staying fit over the years.
  137. The evolution of our friend group: How your group dynamic has changed over time.
  138. If our lives were a novel: What genre and plot would your group’s novel have?
  139. Wine-tasting adventures: Share stories from wine tastings or vineyard visits.
  140. Pandemic hobby reveals: New hobbies or skills picked up during the pandemic.
  141. Travel disaster stories: Share your most chaotic or humorous travel mishaps.
  142. Global cuisine cook-off: Discuss international dishes you’ve tried cooking.
  143. Around the world in 80 tales: Share stories from countries you’ve visited.
  144. Adulting 101: Essential life skills you’ve learned since becoming an adult.
  145. The art of finding balance: Discuss how you balance work, life, leisure activities, and family.
  146. Mystery trip planning: Design a surprise trip for each other with imaginary unlimited budgets.
  147. Celebrity dinner party: Choose which celebrities you’d invite to a dinner party and why.
  148. Eco-challenge ideas: Brainstorm fun challenges to live more sustainably.
  149. Dream music festival line-up: Create the ultimate line-up with your favorite artists.
  150. If we were superheroes: Assign each friend a superhero identity and powers.
  151. House renovation fantasies: Share your dream home renovation plans.
  152. Future technology predictions: Predict what technology will look like in 20 years.
  153. Fantasy road trip across fictional worlds: Plan a journey through your favorite fictional universes.
  154. Reimagining famous paintings with friends: Insert yourselves humorously into famous artworks.
  155. If our pets could talk: Imagine what your pets would say about you.
  156. Reinventing classic fairy tales: Rewrite classic fairy tales with a modern twist.
  157. Virtual world tour: Share a place you’ve virtually explored or want to visit.
  158. Alien invasion survival plan: Create a strategy for surviving an alien invasion.
  159. If we were in a musical: Imagine your life as a musical and describe key scenes.
  160. Underwater world exploration: Describe an adventure in an imagined underwater city.
  161. DIY fashion show: Create your own fashion line and present it.
  162. Secret agent identities: Come up with secret agent personas and missions for each other.
  163. Time capsule predictions: Predict what items will be in a 2050 time capsule.
  164. If we made a band: Come up with a name, genre, and first album cover.
  165. Reimagined book covers: Redesign the covers of your favorite books.
  166. Magazine cover stars: Create magazine covers featuring each friend.
  167. Mythical world creation: Invent a mythical world and describe its inhabitants and rules.
  168. If we were video game characters: Assign each friend a role in a video game.
  169. Dream theme park rides: Design a theme park ride based on your favorite movie or book.
  170. Alternate universe careers: Discuss what careers you’d have in different universes.
  171. Hidden talents show and tell: Share a talent or skill that most people don’t know you have.
  172. Life as a sitcom: Create a sitcom plot line based on your friend group.
  173. If we were a traveling circus: Assign each friend a role in a circus troupe.
  174. Vintage photo recreation: Recreate old family photos with a modern twist.
  175. Mythbusters: Friend edition: Debunk common myths with personal stories.
  176. Epic prank wars stories: Share the best pranks you’ve played or experienced.
  177. Dream concert line-up from past eras: Create a concert line-up with artists from different decades.
  178. If our lives were an epic poem: Write an epic poem about your adventures together.
  179. Fantasy island getaway planning: Design a fantasy island and plan an imaginary trip there.
  180. DIY game show night: Create your own game show with unique challenges.
  181. ‘What’s in my apocalypse survival kit’: Share what you’d include in a survival kit.
  182. Recipe fails and successes: Discuss your best and worst attempts at cooking or baking.
  183. If we were on a reality TV show: Choose a reality TV show and imagine your role in it.
  184. Our group’s theme song: Write or choose a theme song for your friend group.
  185. Dream music festival lineup with a twist: Create a festival lineup featuring unexpected artist collaborations.
  186. If we were characters in a fantasy novel: Assign each friend a role in a fantasy story.
  187. Superpower lottery: Randomly assign superpowers and discuss how you’d use them.
  188. Life milestones bingo: Create a bingo game based on common and uncommon life milestones.
  189. Retro-decade party themes: Pick a decade and plan a themed party around it.
  190. Recreating iconic movie scenes: Act out and record iconic scenes from movies.
  191. Life in a parallel dimension: Describe what your life might look like in an alternate dimension.
  192. Future tech we wish existed: Discuss futuristic technology you wish was real.
  193. Gadget invention brainstorm: Come up with a gadget that doesn’t exist but should.

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PowerPoint night ideas for families

Family-Friendly PowerPoint Night Ideas

  1. Favorite childhood memories: Reminisce about favorite memories from your childhoods.
  2. Childhood dreams revisited: Share what each family member wanted to be when they grew up.
  3. Family tree storytelling: Share interesting stories about ancestors and relatives.
  4. The story of our family name: Explore the history and meaning behind your family’s surname.
  5. Our family’s favorite myths and legends: Discuss myths or legends that fascinate your family.
  6. Culinary heritage: Discuss traditional dishes from your family’s cultural background.
  7. Family recipe swap: Present favorite family recipes and their histories.
  8. Kitchen catastrophes: Relive the most memorable cooking fails and disasters.
  9. The great family bake-off: Plan a family baking competition and describe the ideal entries.
  10. Family’s favorite comfort foods: Discuss the comfort foods that everyone loves.
  11. Favorite family tradition or routine: Discuss beloved family traditions or daily routines.
  12. Is it cake?!: Vote on photos of hyper-realistic cakes (and decoys) to guess which is cake.
  13. Our family in different eras: Imagine your family living in different historical periods.
  14. If our family started a business: Brainstorm ideas for a family business.
  15. Our family’s impact on the world: Discuss how your family contributes to the community.
  16. Family milestone: Highlight significant milestones achieved by family members.
  17. Predict the future: Predict each other’s lives in 5, 10, or 20 years.
  18. Family time capsule: Decide on items each family member would include in a time capsule.
  19. A day in our family’s life (past vs. present): Contrast a typical day in the past with now.
  20. Family’s guide to happiness: Share each member’s ideas on what happiness means.
  21. Our family’s unsung heroes: Talk about family members who have made a significant impact.
  22. Family advice column: Share the best advice given by different family members.
  23. Our family’s world records: Create funny or serious world records held by family members.
  24. Guess the relative: Show baby or old photos and guess which family member it is.
  25. Doppelgängers: Share photos or stories of family members who look like celebrities or characters.
  26. Talent show: Showcase each family member’s unique talents or skills.
  27. Family talent hidden gems: Unveil hidden talents that family members haven’t shared before.
  28. Our family’s theme song: Choose or create a theme song for the family.
  29. Family sports day: Plan a family sports event and discuss the potential activities.
  30. Family fitness challenge ideas: Come up with fun fitness challenges for the family.
  31. The evolution of family pastimes: Discuss how family pastimes have changed over the years.
  32. Gardening mishaps for those without a green thumb: Talk about gardening attempts that didn’t go as planned.
  33. Tech blunders: Share stories of funny or frustrating technology mishaps in the family.
  34. Virtual family world tour: Present a virtual tour of places the family would love to visit.
  35. Share desired travel spots for family vacations: Discuss dream destinations for family trips.
  36. Family time-travel destinations: Choose historical periods to visit as a family.
  37. The product you like and recommend the most on Amazon: Share your top Amazon recommendations.
  38. Things that make sense to have in your home: Discuss practical items every household should have.
  39. Everyone’s favorite movies ranked: Debate and rank the family’s favorite movies.
  40. Everyone’s favorite TV shows ranked: Share and rank favorite TV shows among family members.
  41. Our family as a reality show: Create a hypothetical reality show based on your family life.
  42. The best nostalgic shows for your generation: Discuss TV shows that define your generation.
  43. Your dream home with a $5 million budget: Describe what your dream home would look like.
  44. Funniest Amazon reviews: Find and share hilarious product reviews from Amazon.
  45. Family Pet Hall of Fame: Share memorable moments and stories about family pets.
  46. Family book club: Discuss a book that the whole family has read.
  47. Home movie night: Watch and comment on old family videos.
  48. Family karaoke night: Have fun singing songs chosen for each family member.
  49. DIY projects gone wrong: Talk about DIY attempts that ended up being disasters.
  50. Favorite board games ranked: Discuss and rank the family’s favorite board games.
  51. Least favorite herb or garnishing: time for the coriander-haters to air their grievances.
  52. A letter to our future family: Write letters to future generations of your family.
PowerPoint night ideas for couples and date nights

Sibling Shenanigans: PowerPoint Night Ideas

  1. Before-College Tips: Tell what you wish you knew before going to college.
  2. Ex Breakdown: Talk about funny or interesting stories from past relationships.
  3. Childhood Tales: Share funny, embarrassing, or memorable stories from when you were kids.
  4. Siblings’ Goals List: Share goals you want to achieve together as siblings.
  5. Show and Tell: Each sibling shows something special and explains why it’s important.
  6. Sibling Rivalries: Reminisce about playful rivalries and competitions from your childhood.
  7. Tech Mishaps: Share funny tech mishaps and text conversations.
  8. Synced Silliness: Make funny dance routines or silly faces together.
  9. Family Lingo: Share jokes, phrases, and slang that only your family understands.
  10. Hidden Talents: Reveal surprising talents or skills your siblings have.
  11. Photo Recreations: Recreate old photos funnily.
  12. Prank Wars: Tell the best pranks you played on each other.
  13. Guilty Pleasures: Share secret hobbies or interests you enjoy.
  14. Comedy Roast: Jokingly make fun of each other with good-natured humor.
  15. Through the Years: Show how your relationship evolved with pictures.
powerpoint night ideas for siblings

Bonding PowerPoint Night Ideas for Couples & Dates

  1. Love language exploration: Discuss and share each other’s love languages and what they mean to you.
  2. Our favorite things about each other: Share what you most appreciate about each other.
  3. Our best moments: Relive and share the best moments you’ve had together.
  4. Love story timeline: Create a timeline of your relationship, highlighting key moments.
  5. My favorite photos of you: Present and explain your favorite photos of each other.
  6. Our bucket list: Compile a list of adventures and experiences you want to go on together.
  7. Creative date night ideas: Come up with a list of unique and fun ideas for future date nights.
  8. Virtual date night ideas: Share creative ideas for virtual dates or for those in LDRs.
  9. Fantasy getaway: Plan an imaginary perfect vacation or escape.
  10. Honeymoon destinations: Discuss and plan your ideal honeymoon spots.
  11. Our parallel universe: Imagine and describe your lives together in an alternate universe.
  12. If we were a meme: Create or find a meme that perfectly describes your relationship.
  13. Our story as a graphic novel: Visualize your relationship story as a series of comic strips or a graphic novel.
  14. Our superhero alter egos: Invent superhero identities for yourselves as a couple.
  15. Playlist for our relationship: Compile a playlist that represents different stages of your relationship.
  16. Astrological compatibility: Discuss how your astrological signs influence your relationship.
  17. Future kid names: Share and discuss potential names for future children.
  18. Parenting bloopers: Relate funny or memorable moments from parenting (if applicable).
  19. Celebrity power couples: Compare your relationship to famous celebrity couples.
  20. Guess each other’s likes and dislikes: Try to guess each other’s preferences accurately.
  21. Dream house design: Collaborate on designing your ideal home.
  22. House renovation fantasies: Talk about how you would renovate or change your current living space.
  23. TikTok challenge duo: Plan and present a TikTok challenge you would do together.
  24. Our YouTube channel concept: Come up with an idea for a YouTube channel you could start together.
  25. Travel vlog dream: Discuss the idea of creating travel vlogs of your adventures.
  26. Our dream music festival lineup: Create a lineup for a music festival you’d love to attend together.
  27. Couples’ gaming night: Plan a gaming night, including which games you would play.
  28. Fitness challenge as a couple: Plan a fitness or wellness challenge you can do together.
  29. Our eco-friendly lifestyle plan: Discuss ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly.
  30. If we had a podcast: Develop an idea for a podcast you could host as a couple.
  31. Our favorite viral videos: Share and discuss your favorite viral videos or trends.
  32. If we were influencers: Brainstorm the type of content you would create if you were social media influencers.
  33. Our custom emojis: Design emojis that capture unique aspects of your relationship.
  34. Social media archives: Look back at your posts and interactions with each other on social media.
  35. Our food blog concept: Imagine starting a food blog together and what it would feature.
  36. Shared hobby exploration: Propose a new hobby you could start learning together.
  37. Couple’s wellness retreat: Plan an imaginary wellness retreat, including activities and locations.
  38. Our couple’s signature dish: Create and present a dish representing your relationship.
  39. Couple’s themed photoshoot ideas: Come up with fun and creative themes for a photoshoot together.
  40. Our signature dance move: Choreograph, or choose a dance move you both love.
  41. Dream home tech setup: Imagine the ultimate tech setup in your future home.
  42. Virtual reality adventures: Imagine and describe an adventure you’d have in a virtual reality world.
  43. Fashion style evolution: Share how each other’s fashion styles have evolved since you’ve been together.
  44. If we wrote a book: Come up with an idea for a book you could write together.
  45. DIY project for two: Plan a DIY project you can work on together.
  46. Pet parenting plan: Discuss the possibility and plans for having a pet together.
PowerPoint night ideas for colleagues

Engaging PowerPoint Night Ideas for Colleagues

  1. Paid holiday scenario: What will you do, and where will you go if you had three months of paid leave?
  2. Dream job swap day: Talk about a job you want to try for a day, within or outside your current workplace.
  3. Alternate universe careers: Imagine different career paths you and your colleagues might have taken.
  4. Fantasy retirement plans: Describe your ideal retirement life.
  5. The ultimate sandwich combo: A delicious debate on what goes into your ideal sandwich (with images!).
  6. The great office work debate: Engage in a discussion of the pros and cons of remote work.
  7. Meeting styles: Compare the effectiveness and preferences for in-person versus virtual meetings.
  8. Work hours: Discuss preferences between traditional 9-5 schedules or flexible working hours.
  9. Things you’ve always wanted to learn how to do: List skills or sports you’ve wanted to learn.
  10. Things you would do with a million dollars: Share what you would do if you suddenly became a millionaire.
  11. Everyone’s enneagram types: Discuss your enneagram types and how they reflect your work styles.
  12. Initial impressions: Talk about your first impressions of your colleagues and how they have changed.
  13. Colleague catchphrases: Highlight unique or commonly used phrases by colleagues.
  14. Job title makeovers: Invent creative and humorous job titles for yourself and your colleagues.
  15. The best and worst managers or bosses you’ve ever had: Share experiences with different types of managers.
  16. Office confessions: Admit to harmless office misdeeds or funny incidents.
  17. Most embarrassing email sent: Share stories of sending emails that went wrong or to the wrong person.
  18. Office fashion faux pas: Recall memorable office fashion mistakes.
  19. Best office cubicle/space design: Showcase well-designed office spaces or dream cubicle setups.
  20. Most bizarre thing on your office desk: Share the weirdest items you have or have seen on office desks.
  21. Dream office chair: Share your ideas on what you think is the best office chair money can buy.
  22. Office gadgets that make sense: Share useful or innovative gadgets that enhance the workspace.
  23. The best iPhone/Android apps you can’t live without: Present essential mobile apps for work and personal life.
  24. Best work music: Discuss whether certain genres of music, like classical or lo-fi, help with focus at work. Bonus – share your playlist!
  25. Virtual background challenge: Compete to create the most unique or funny virtual backgrounds.
  26. Colleague cocktails: Assign a type of cocktail to each colleague based on their personality.
  27. Each of your colleagues as cat breeds: Compare your colleagues to different cat breeds based on their traits, accompanied with cat photos or videos!
  28. Compare colleagues to “The Office” TV show characters: Match colleagues with characters from “The Office.”
  29. Coffee or tea: Debate the merits and preferences of coffee vs. tea.
  30. Office memes: Share popular or internal office memes.
PowerPoint night ideas for classmates

Spark Laughter with Classmates: PowerPoint Night Ideas

  1. Viral video reacts: React to popular YouTube videos or TikToks together.
  2. TikTok Challenge Hall of Fame: Showcase favorite TikTok challenges or create a class-specific challenge.
  3. Stream team: Discuss the latest series, show, or channel everyone’s been watching.
  4. Best YouTube channels to binge-watch: Recommend your go-to YouTube channels and explain your addiction.
  5. Playlist exchange: Share your current favorite playlists or songs.
  6. Your favorite guilty pleasure song: Confess the songs you love but might be embarrassed to admit, and explain which moods they suit.
  7. Guess the celebrity: Try to identify celebrities from their childhood images.
  8. Your favorite fictional character: Talk about a fictional character you love and the reasons behind it.
  9. If you were a video game: Match friends to video games based on their personality.
  10. Your friends as Disney or Marvel characters: Assign a Disney or Marvel character to each classmate.
  11. If I were an anime character: Choose an anime character that best represents you (or your alter ego).
  12. Hogwarts sorting: Sort classmates into Hogwarts houses.
  13. Classmates as historical figures: Which historical figure do they resemble or embody?
  14. Classmates as animals: Imagine which animal each classmate would be.
  15. Ice cream flavors: Which ice cream flavor would each person be, and why?
  16. Color palette matching: Choose color palettes that match classmates’ personalities.
  17. Most likely to go viral: Come up with ideas on what each of your classmates will go viral for, then do a vote.
  18. Pop culture time machines: Rate pop cultures (e.g., 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s) based on defining hairstyles, fashion, singers, and trends.
  19. Evaluate yearbook photographs: Look back and rate yearbook photos for a good laugh together.
  20. Hidden talents: Reveal skills or talents that your classmates might not know about.
  21. Passion projects: Discuss personal projects or interests you’re passionate about.
  22. Future class reunion: Predict what everyone will do at a class reunion 10 years later.
  23. Tech time capsule: Predict the future of technology in 10 years.
  24. Dream influencer collab: Discuss which influencer you’d love to collaborate with (or meet) and why.
  25. Indie hacker dream: Describe an app or software that you’d invent and why.
  26. What’s in my bag: Reveal interesting or unusual items you carry every day.
  27. Snacks on the go: Share your go-to nibbles for busy days or study sessions.
  28. Favorite childhood treats: What snacks did you like as a child (and perhaps still do)?
  29. Rating fast food restaurants: Rank fast food chains and your favorite order there.
  30. The best books you’ve ever read: Talk about your all-time favorite books.
  31. Book club: Recommend books for your classmates to read and explain why.
  32. Study strategies: Share effective studying techniques or tips.
  33. Handwriting vs. typing: Which is better for learning?
  34. Group projects or solo work: Which is more effective?
  35. Art vs. science: Which is more crucial in education?
  36. Ideal pet: Describe your dream pet, real or imaginary.
PowerPoint night ideas for icebreakers and new friends

Icebreaker PowerPoint Night Ideas for New Friends

  1. Emoji introductions: Use emojis to express your personality.
  2. First impressions: Discuss your initial thoughts or feelings about each other.
  3. New friend fun facts: Share an unusual or funny fact about yourself.
  4. Two truths and a lie: Guess which of the three statements is a lie.
  5. Top misconceptions about your culture, language, or customs: Clarify common misunderstandings and stereotypes with a light heart and open mind.
  6. My name in another language: Translate or adapt your name into five different languages.
  7. Personality collage: Create a visual representation or mood board about your personality.
  8. Guess my passion: Prepare a collage of images about your greatest passion, and let others guess what it is.
  9. Life hacks that changed your life: Share a tip or trick that’s been a game changer.
  10. If I were an inventor: Pitch an invention you would create.
  11. Favorite drink or beverage: Rank your top beverages and explain why.
  12. Favorite foods and cuisines: Photos of your favorite foods and why.
  13. Road trip snack preference: Connect snack choices to personality traits.
  14. If I were a food: Describe what kind of food you’d be and why.
  15. Book or movie character: Pick a character you relate to or aspire to be like.
  16. Movie night choices: What genre and movie would you choose?
  17. The best and worst things about everyone’s jobs: Shed light on the extreme ends of your job.
  18. Things from Amazon that you would recommend to a stranger: Your top Amazon picks and finds, and why.
  19. Lottery win: The first five things you’d spend money on if you won the lottery.
  20. If you could swap lives for a day: Choose whose life you’d like to experience for a day.
  21. If you could time travel: Where would you go if you could get there instantly, and why?
  22. Describe your best day ever: What would your perfect day be from start to finish?
  23. Guilty pleasures and indulgences: Confess your guilty pleasure or secret indulgence.
  24. Favorite season: What is your favorite season, and what does it remind you of?
  25. Ideal superpower: Choose your own ideal superpower and why.
  26. Dream vacation: Cultural exploration or relaxing beach?
  27. Best dessert: What is your favorite dessert, and what would you pair it with?
  28. Morning routine: Are you an early riser, or do you snooze 5 times every morning?
  29. Morning or evening person?: Early bird or night owl? Share bits of your routine and sleep habits.
  30. Fitness preferences: Gym workout? Outdoor activities?

Tips for hosting a PowerPoint night presentation

🍿 Turn it into a potluck, or have friends bring their own food and drinks

📺 Use a TV screen (and big fonts) and Chromecast or Airplay

⏰ Use a timer for each presenter to keep things on time

🗂️ Use AI to help with creating the slides and templates

✨ Grab a friend with legit Photoshop skills to add fun visuals and interactive elements to the slides

💡 You don’t need to stick to Microsoft PowerPoint – Google Slides works too!

Learn more: Convert PowerPoint slides to Google Slides


Hosting a PowerPoint night is a super simple way to bond, spend quality time, and share anecdotes and experiences while remaining cozy indoors. You can stick to one theme for the night or mix and match multiple ideas – as long as there is something for everyone you are inviting!

We hope this mega list of themes, funny ideas, and topics has given you some good ideas and conversation starters to help prepare for your next PowerPoint night with your best friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of topic should I choose?

Let your creativity flow! Funny, serious, personal, even bizarre – the best topics showcase your personality and spark conversation.

2. How long should my presentation be? How many slides?

Keep it concise! Aim for 3-10 minutes and 5-15 slides. Remember, it’s about sharing, not lecturing.

3. Do I need to be a PowerPoint expert?

Absolutely not! PowerPoint Night is about having fun with friends, not fancy effects. Beginners are welcome!

4. Can we do PowerPoint Night online?

Sure! Use video call apps like Zoom or Google Meet to share your screen and presentations.

5. How can I make my presentation more interesting?

Spice it up! Use humor, personal stories, pictures, or even interactive elements like quizzes or polls. Encourage participation with questions and discussions.

6. Can PowerPoint Nights have themes?

You bet! Themes add an extra layer of fun. Explore options like conspiracy theories, childhood memories, favorite movies, or cooking disasters.

7. Can I use other presentation tools?

Of course! Use Google Slides, Prezi, Canva, or any presentation tool you prefer.

8. How do we decide who presents first?

Keep it light! Draw names from a hat or let a natural presenter kick things off, if you have one.

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